Dit is de vertaling ENGELS van ‘Folder Wijkgezondheidscentrum’ en bevat identiek dezelfde informatie als de Nederlandse tekst. Deze vertaling mag enkel verspreid worden met de originele brontekst ‘Folder Wijkgezondheidscentrum’:


A community health centre is a centre where care is provided to people from the local community. Our WGC takes care of people who live in the Brugse Poort, part of Mariakerke and part of Drongen. To use our services, you must be registered (see below).

Our centre provides multidisciplinary care. Our team consists of general practitioners, nurses, physiotherapists, a dietician, social workers, a nurse practitioner for mental health care, health promoters and a support team.


Who can register?

Community health centres are open to everyone, regardless of status, nationality or financial situation. There is only one condition to use the services of a centre: your place of residence must be located within the service area covered by the centre.

You can consult the website to find out in which area your place of residence is located (enter your street name and you will see in which centre you can register).


Our service area consists of the Brugse Poort district, part of Mariakerke and part of Drongen. People who live in this service area can choose to register with us or WGC Malpertuus (Brugsesteenweg).

If you move, please let us know your new address. If you move outside our service area, we will ask you to deregister. Naturally, together with you, we will ensure a smooth transition to a centre or practice in your new neighbourhood. We can make exceptions if your situation does not allow you to deregister (e. g. for medical reasons).

How to register

Would you like to become a patient? Call our general number 09/226.10.49 and make an appointment to register. On the date of appointment, please bring your identity card and health insurance identification labels. A reception staff member will give you information about how we work and will ask you to sign documents.

Registered. What is next?

As soon as your registration is complete, you can contact our general practitioners, nurses, physiotherapists, social workers, mental health care assistant and dietician. You can read how to get an appointment with them under the heading “How to make an appointment”.

If you are registered in a community health centre, you are part of the flat-rate system. Every month, the centre receives a flat rate (fixed) amount per patient for the care provided by the general practitioner, nurse and physiotherapist, regardless of how often you visit the community health centre. This creates solidarity between those who need much care and those who need less. This means that you do not have to pay anything if you come to us for consultation.

It is very important that you are a member of a health insurance fund! If you need help with this, you can contact one of our social workers. Undocumented migrants can visit the OCMW and may be entitled to a medical card for urgent medical assistance. This medical card also allows you to use our services.

Care outside of the centre

If you go to a doctor, physiotherapist or nurse who does not work at our centre, you will not be reimbursed by your health insurance fund. After all, your health insurance fund has already paid a fixed amount to our WGC.

Blood or urine samples that are sent to the lab are not covered by our flat-rate system and must therefore be paid by you. You will receive the invoice from the lab by post.

If you need a type of care that we do not offer, you can of course contact another service or care provider. For example, your consultations with specialists (e. g. eye doctor, dentist, gynaecologist, etc.) will be reimbursed by your insurance fund. You will pay this external healthcare provider, receive a certificate of performance and deliver this certificate to your health insurance fund, which will refund part of the amount to you.

If you call the Huisartsenwachtpost (General Practitioners’ Station) outside of our opening hours or require urgent medical care abroad, we will refund you the reimbursement rate. In order to do so, please send us your performance note.


Anyone who moves outside of our service area will be asked to deregister. As a patient, you also have the freedom to deregister yourself. You simply need to come in and sign a deregistration form. Your deregistration will take effect the month following the deregistration date at the earliest.


In our centre


On week days (Monday through Friday), you can contact us by telephone during opening hours: 8 AM – 7.30 PM. You can also come by and make an appointment at the reception.

Show up to your appointment on time. If you cannot make it on time or if you wish to cancel your appointment, always call us. Always bring your identity card when you come to the community health centre. Registered patients who are a member of a mutuality health insurance fund or have a medical card do not have to pay anything.

Do you want to make an appointment with the nurses, nurse, physiotherapists, social workers, dietician or mental health care nurse practitioner for the first time? Discuss this with your General Practitioner. Afterwards, you can make an appointment with these care providers directly.

Home visit


We can provide you with the best care and treatment in the centre itself. But if you are too ill to come to us, you can request a home visit. Please do so before 10 AM. Our physicians take turns in performing home visits, so we cannot always send you your regular doctor. If you need a regular home visit, your regular physician will usually visit you.

Registered patients who are a member of a mutuality health insurance fund or have a medical card do not have to pay anything.

Outside of opening hours

09/236.50.00 or 1733

If you become ill at night or during the weekend and you urgently need a doctor, you can call the above phone number of the Huisartsenwachtpost (General Practitioners’ Station) of Ghent. Here, all doctors in Ghent work according to a rotating system. They will help you at the Station – or at home – if necessary.

Please note: you will have to pay for your consultation and you will receive a certificate from the doctor. Do not submit this certificate to your health insurance fund, but deliver it to our centre. If it meets the conditions, part of the amount will be refunded by us.


If you need nursing care on weekends, you can call the above number between 8 and 12 AM and between 5 and 7 PM on Saturdays and Sundays. One of our nurses will talk to you and will make further arrangements with you. During the week, this mobile phone number does not work and you should contact us via the general number.

If you use the Huisartsenwachtpost (General Practitioners’ Station) outside of our opening hours or require urgent medical care abroad, we will reimburse you for the most part. In order for us to do so, please send us your performance note.